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John Wayne "Duke" Holm is a native of Lewiston, Maine and has been working in the audio/video industry for 10 years. He has done work for John Deere, Bayer, Amazon, Zeiss and many more.


While living in Europe for 2 years teaching English as a Native Speaker, Duke learned the importance of speaking clearly, coherently, and succinctly. By speaking with an engaging tone, he was able to keep his students engaged and captivated. When Duke returned to the US, he a renewed interest in voiceover work and has pursued it ever since.


Duke’s voice is versatile while also clear, smooth and intelligent which makes him a perfect match for voiceovers in just about any industry.

Delivering a quality product is imperative to Duke, so his recordings are always of the highest quality and delivered in a timely and efficient manner.



About Duke



Throughout the years, Duke’s voiceover work has included Commercials, Advertisements, Audiobooks, eLearning videosCorporate and Marketing videos, Phone Recordings and more

Listen to samples of Duke's voiceover work.

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“Fantastic job! Super fast delivery, high quality, excellent pronunciation and timing.”
Jeremías P.

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